Building Regulations - Do I Need Building Regulations?


A Building Regulation is also known as Building Reg OR Building Control OR BC.


Extension to the House or a Loft conversion or a Basement Conversion is a major change to your home and there are a number of building regulation areas that need to be complied with. We recommend that you apply for this via your Architech or via us. We strongly recommend that you do this, to cut corner and to omit this important part is a false economy.

Do I Need Building Regulations?


YES - You will need Building Regulations for following: 

    • Installation of a new boiler.
    • Converting the loft to be used as a room that has windows, a permanent stairway and electricity.
    • If you're making structural changes such as removal, or part removal of load bearing walls.
    • If you have to remove and rebuild a major part of a wall.
    • If you're re-roofing and using a different material (heavier or lighter).
    • Replacing windows or external doors.
    • Having cavity wall insulation. 

NO - You will may not need Building Regulations for following: 

    • You're building a detached single storey building which does not exceed 30 sq metres that contains no sleeping accommodation.
    • You're building a shed or detached single-storey building less than 15 sq metres which has no sleeping accommodation.
    • Extending a building by adding, a conservatory, porch, covered yard or carport that's open on at least two sides.
    • If you're carrying out minor repairs that don't involve structural alterations or changes in room layouts and you're replacing like with like.
    • If you are only using the loft for storage you can convert without seeking regulations.

For more information please contact your local council or visit (opens in a new window). We recommend you contact Architect and make sure 100% before you procceed the work.

By side-stepping the Building Regulations, you might save some cash at the time, but you could knock thousands off the value of your home, find yourself living in a death-trap and facing a whopping fine and your home may become unsaleble!


Building regulations are designed to ensure that the building work meets current building regulations standards.


A building regulation certificate will ensure that your Building work is carried out to safe standards and the conversion is recognised by Property Valuer , Estate Agents and Banks and Buiilding societies for the mortgage.

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